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Miramonte scandal aftermath: LAUSD schools forgo blindfolds, 1 school goes butter-less

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Some can't believe there's no butter at a North Hollywood school, where a lesson involving making butter and eating it on crackers has been nixed.

LAUSD has prohibited blindfolding during a lesson about the senses in a fourth-grade classroom, the L.A. Times reports. One school has also removed butter-making from its curriculum, but not to promote healthier eating habits.

The edicts come after Mark Berndt's January arrest. Berndt pleaded not guilty to 23 charges of lewd acts with children, which include blindfolding and spoon-feeding his semen to students. Since then, a number of cases involving other LAUSD staffers have surfaced, including another at Miramonte.

Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Jaime Aquino cautioned that blindfolding "may be perceived negatively" in a Feb. 23 memo to principals, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, students at a North Hollywood school will no longer make butter with substitute teacher Prentiss Moore. One parent there drew a similarity between kids eating the finished butter on crackers with Berndt's alleged reputation of serving students tainted cookies, the paper continued.

"Let's be wise," Moore said the principal told him, according to the Times. "Let's not do our butter lesson."

At least one former school board member says administrators are overreacting.

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