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Will 25 million tons of floating tsunami debris make its way California?

34957 full
34957 full

A massive floating debris field may be headed toward Southern California one year after the tsunami that flooded hundreds of miles along the coast of Japan. Scientists are attempting to predict if, and when, the estimated 25 million tons of debris might touch our shores. 

Chapman University scientists are using computer models to mathematically track the path of what has been called "a giant garbage patch," NBC LA reports. Other researchers are taking a weather-based approach to prediction.

Boats, cars, houses and other large items swept out to sea are believed to have sunk, according to experts. What's left is an extensive collection of floaters like plastic bottles, and other environmental and marine-life hazards.

Some of the traveling tsunami trash has already been spotted near Hawaii, and scientists expect to see more hit Seattle in the coming year and then head south.

NOAA is asking for help tracking the debris -- email them a report along with any photos if you encounter what you believe to be tsunami debris. 

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