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Who's unhappy about the LACMA rock's arrival? Probably the people who got towed.


Grant Slater/KPCC

California Highway Patrol officers brief the moving crew shortly before they set off toward Long Beach and the next stop on the boulder's 11-day journey.

The journey of the rock destined for an art installation at the L.A. County Museum of Art has provided Southern California with 11 nights of joy and silly news stories. 

But the very high price of the rock was made a little more expensive for the dozens of people who parked their cars in the path of the rock's final stretch this morning. City News Service reports:

"Dozens of cars parked along Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown and the Mid- Wilshire area were towed overnight to make room for the behemoth. Those who had vehicles towed can expect to pay at least $259.50 to get their cars out of an city impound lot."

D'oh. The L.A. Times notes another unhappy customer, who was among the hundreds waiting to greet the rock with noisemakers and cheers. Due to a power failure, those revelers got a chance to touch the rock as a fix was prepared. But 34-year-old M.M. Green was dissatisfied: “I came a long way to touch this thing, and it felt very impersonal –- I expected more intimacy from this rock,” Green, a video artist, told the Times.

Well, now the that rock has reached its home, it will be strung up as part of an exhibit that is scheduled to open sometime early this summer. Visitors will be able to pass under the rock on a 456-foot long walkway.

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