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Mexico earthquake: 7.4 magnitude reported in Guerrero, Mexico; phantom quake near Salton Sea (updated)

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A strong magnitude 7.4 earthquake with an epicenter in Guerrero, Mexico struck on Tuesday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. There were initial reports of minor damage, including to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard's Twitter account said the water system and other "strategic services" were not experiencing problems. Frightened workers and residents poured into the streets of the capital just minutes after noon local time.

President Felipe Calderon said there were no immediate reports of damage through his Twitter account. Telephone service was down in the city and throughout the area where the quake was felt.

Another "phantom" quake initially reported near the Salton Sea was removed from the USGS website, says NBC LA. Officials are looking into the error in the system and believe the false register was related to the Mexico quake which occurred around the same time approximately 115 miles east of Acapulco.

“This earthquake will certainly have aftershocks," said Robert Graves of the U.S. Geological Survey at a press conference at Caltech, "and there is a small probability it could also be followed by an earthquake of the same size, or even a larger earthquake.”

The earthquake even triggered some instruments in Southern California that initially indicated local earthquakes, Graves said, but further examination showed that there were no related notable earthquakes in Southern California.

“An earthquake of this size probably covers an area that is tens of miles in length by maybe fifty to a hundred miles in width," Graves said.

The earthquake did not trigger a tsunami. It was located 11 miles underground.

Some video captured during today's quake:

This story has been updated. USGS initially reported the Mexico quake at magnitude as 7.9 and then 7.6.

With contributions from AP, Mike Roe, and Ashley Bailey

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