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Tommy Lasorda says he's 'very happy' about new LA Dodgers owners

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Everybody’s buzzing about the sale of the Dodgers, but the story would not be complete without hearing from the man himself, Tommy Lasorda.

Lasorda, after 63 years in Dodger Blue, likes this deal.

"I’m very happy," Lasorda said. "But I’m always happy. But I wasn’t happy when the bankruptcy came to the Dodgers. That’s something that I never ever thought about. I’m just happy that we got it all settled. I think they’re going to do a good job."

Lasorda says he’s known two of the partners, Magic Johnson and baseball executive Stan Kasten, for years.

Kasten, by the way, is described as the ultimate baseball ownership insider. He ran the Atlanta Braves, and then the Washington Nationals.

"He's a pretty good man," Lasorda said of Kasten.

Lasorda predicts the luster of what used to be one of the golden teams in baseball will return. "We will get it back," he says. "We shall and we will. We must."

Lasorda likes to brag he bleeds Dodger blue. He's been a Dodger for 63 years — that's one year longer than he's been married. "I've got two loves," Lasorda said. "I'm a bigamist."

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