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In Long Beach, exotic animals, pot, a drug lab and then a fire

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Authorities said that a fire broke out at a Long Beach home early Friday after sheriffs served a warrant there for marijuana farming.

Police raiding the house Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. after spotting marijuana plants growing in the backyard. ABC 7 reports that law enforcement discovered 22 marijuana plants, as well as sophisticated drug-making setups and several exotic animals. The fire started soon after authorities finished their investigation.

"We had several different rooms that had clandestine labs for hallucinogens -- mushrooms, peyote, things of that nature — and a separate lab also with the cultivation of marijuana," Long Beach police Sgt. Timothy Long told KTLA. "So we had a total of about three separate labs inside the house."

KTLA said that animal control officers confiscated four boa constrictors, three tarantulas and one scorpion. Three men were arrested in connection with marijuana possession. Arson investigators found that an accelerant was used to ignite the blaze.

ABC 7’s news report:

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