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Downtown LA football stadium deal on the rocks, Yahoo! Sports reports

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Unnamed sources have told Yahoo! Sports that Anschutz Entertainment Group, the developer that plans to build the downtown sports arena, has shown no interest in compromise while negotiating terms of a deal with the National Football League. A deal would bring the NFL back to Los Angeles, but the league is sticking to its position in the negotiations, according to Yahoo's sources.

“It was friendly, but boiled down to the view that no NFL owner would accept the terms proposed," a source told Yahoo! Sports. "If [AEG] wanted to get that much control over an NFL franchise, their only option would be to buy a team. If they were willing to back off the control and buy a [limited partnership] stake for a reasonable price, then a shared interest in selling suites/clubs/sponsorships could be worked out.”

AEG is scheduled to submit an Environmental Impact Report on the construction early in April. But, Yahoo's Jason Cole says: "That report may be worth little more than the paper it’s printed on if Anschutz and AEG don’t make a shift in the financial plan that’s been presented to NFL officials." 

A 2011 AEG-sponsored report projected the $1 billion stadium would generate about $22 million annually for the city.

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