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Surf's up, but other things are falling down

(March 31, 2012: Huntington Beach, CA)
(March 31, 2012: Huntington Beach, CA) Photo by Eric_Wendland via Flickr Creative Commons

And the wind doth blow.

Some areas of Los Angles awoke from a misty rain to find gusty, sunny skies, while others are dealing with a devil of a snow drift. At the beach, there's nothing to do but wave.

The National Weather Service posted a variety of weather warnings earlier this week, and are continuing to update as they monitor conditions around the region.

Here's what some of your neighbors are saying about the weekend weather:

Surf's up, but other things are falling down

and the wind doth blow... [READ THE FULL STORY! please? WWW.KPCC.ORG ]

Storified by Lisa Brenner · Sun, Apr 01 2012 15:37:17

Big surf at #topanga beach Taylor
It's so windy in L.A. I just saw William Shatner's wig line.Jeffrey Schneider
Red Bull #Switchboard - Huntington Beach, just getting started at PCH & Golden West w/ @IanWalsh4 Bull Los Angeles
#Topanga.Cool w drizzle.Surf's up dude.Malibu 3-5,Leo 4-6 & building.Hazardous conditions.Sunday Fun Dive cancelle Divers
A beautiful day for beach soccer in Malibu this morning. dowling
Creation is a true love celebration. Here's a pic from a Let Me See Love video we shot we at the beach today! Page
#love #beach Raines
Dayum!! 14-20ft surf right now at Goldenwest HB!?!? Mason
@TheSkiChannel catching some surf in Huntington with @redbull switchboard. Now heading to @bear_mountain to shred!!!! Keppler
High surf today! Gonzalez
No high surf from Newport Beach to Sunset Beach in OC. Wind-blown and churning. Hey @grobbins - Is it #SurfsUp in SD? Joyce
It's super windy today. Make sure not to park under any trees or you'll end up paying the price like this guy z e k i ? l™
#Windy with crystal blue skies Showbiz
Windy in Palm Springs tonight. Owen
Trees are blowing...cold morning while walking. global
So windy here just saw this tree blow over. Missed the car by inches. Someone's lucky day. Dinsmore
RT @Venice311: Mighty surf this morning. Lewis
This tree that fell is just a few doors down from where I live.. Dang!!! Wind is not that even strong! llanes
It is a little windy out, @CEB82 was able to snap a pic of a palm frond being held up by the wind... Britton
Snowing and blowing in Mammoth! Yutzy
How is it snowing? Is this real life?Kelly Murphy
Is it snowing in LA?Helen Harlan
RT @Sarah310: "it's pretty magical stuff" - me bragging about snow to LA people who have never seen snowKING ODEN
It's snowing. On April First. & no, it's not an April Fools joke... -__-Veronica Simpson
78 degrees yesterday... Snowing today!Ann Sterling

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