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NoHo personal trainer nicknamed 'Danger' suspected of abusing at least 5 women

Dejon 'Danger' Miller's Facebook page features photos of 'Danger's Angels'
Dejon 'Danger' Miller's Facebook page features photos of 'Danger's Angels'
Dejon 'Danger' Miller's Facebook page features photos of 'Danger's Angels'
Booking photo of Dejon Alan Miller
LA County Jail
Dejon 'Danger' Miller's Facebook page features photos of 'Danger's Angels'
A Facebook photo of Dejon Alan Miller

Dejon Alan Miller was arrested a week before Christmas last year for a brutal beating that left his ex-girlfriend unconcious. But police suspect that the 35-year-old North Hollywood personal trainer may have abused more women in the San Fernando Valley and are inviting possible victims to come forward.

Police say at least five women have been victims of domestic violence at his hands. Authorities say some of the acts he have committed could qualify as torture.

Nicknamed "Danger", Miller is currently behind bars on a $1.3 million bail, awaiting his day in court on attempted murder and kidnapping charges. But at a press conference yesterday police wanted to get the message out that if there are any victims who haven't stepped forward, now would be a safe time to communicate with authorities.

"We do not anticipate he will be released any time soon," LAPD Lieutenant Alan Hamilton told reporters like the North Hollywood Patch. "So it's important for the community to know that, A) He's not going to be out to search for any additional victims, and B) those people who may be in fear to becoming... victimized again by Mr. Miller, you should know that he's in custody and we plan on prosecuting him fully on the current charges, and we're interested in any additional charges we can bring against him in from any prior victim." 

When he was arrested in December he was already on parole for a previous domestic abuse charge.

On his websites and, it appears that Miller is focused solely on only training young women. On he claims that as "a trainer, I like to keep things professional, realistic and a lil' funky at the same time - which you'll notice by my tattoos, many body piercings!"

Meanwhile on his Facebook page he displays photos of young women deemed "Danger's Angels".

Although he has a Twitter account, it is locked and he only has 35 followers and just one tweet.

“If you Google him, he’ll look legit,” warned Los Angeles Police Detective Brandy Azarte. “But the reality is if the women do end up in a relationship with him, there is a strong likelihood of abuse.”