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Texting-while-driving mom could get five years

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New information is emerging on the woman who police say drove while texting with a baby on her lap, including: She’s really from Hawthorne, not Torrance; she is the mother of six kids, not three; and prosecutors say she could be locked up for five years if convicted.

Shawndeeia Bowen, 29, was arrested April 3 after a fellow driver on the 405 noticed a dangerous-looking scene: a woman with a 1-year-old on her knee, one hand on the wheel and the other tapping on her cell phone. The driver called 9-1-1 and followed Bowen until police could catch up with her, according to reports.

On Thursday, Torrance police released some colorful details on the arrest. They say that when they pulled Bowen over at Torrance and Hawthorn boulevards, the baby was still in her lap -- not crying -- and that Bowen was wearing one false eyelash and pink children’s underwear on her head. They also say she begged police not to take her children. (One of the kids in the car turns out to have been her nephew.)

Bowen is being charged with child endangerment, violating a court order and driving without a license.

Coincidentally, this is “Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” and the Daily Breeze (which is taking credit for breaking this story), says Bowen has become the poster child for “a law enforcement campaign in April to crack down on motorists who illegally use cell phones while driving in California.”

By the way, for those wondering where all these self-portraits of Bowen are coming from, she kept an unsecured Facebook page stocked with images of herself and her kids. She just liked her phone a little too much.

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