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Dogs and cats, living together, on your CA license plate?

Photo by Terence T.S. Tam via Flickr Creative Commons

Animal advocates believe a special edition CA license plate can minimize animal deaths and make a difference in controlling pet populations.

Revenue from license plate sales would help pay for spay and neuter surgeries throughout the Golden State, they say. 868,000 dogs and cats entered California animal shelters in 2010 and more than half were euthanized. 

The California Spay & Neuter License Plate Fund, sponsored by the Department of Consumer Affairs Veterinary Medical Board, needs to pre-sell 7,500 units before June 2012 to make the plate option a reality. Currently, they've sold about 4,000.

The volunteer effort has no money for advertising, according to campaign president Judie Mancuso, and those who have already ponied up have nothing to show for it.

Petco has reportedly joined the cause and is distributing fliers with in-store purchases while the Legislature is considering an extension, if needed, says Mancuso.

Once/if all conditions are met, it will take up to 10 months to get the prison-made plates into production, said a spokesperson from Department of Motor Vehicles.