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Bicyclist shattered by hit-and-run driver in what friends call ‘deliberate act’

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A woman riding her bicycle downtown suffered serious injuries after being chased and run down by a man in a white sedan, witnesses say, and enraged friends have promised that there will be justice for the hit-and-run driver.

Susanna Schick, 42, an avid biker and bicyclist, was struck late Friday night in downtown L.A. after exchanging words with a man driving a white Lexus, friends wrote on a ChipIn page to help pay her medical bills.

According to that account, at around 11:30 p.m. the man swerved across two lanes of traffic and into the Spring Street bike lane where Schick was riding. She and the driver exchanged words at the next light, with a woman in the passenger seat of the Lexus rolling up the window.

Friends say the Lexus continued to harass Schick, however, and few blocks later, at Fourth and Spring Streets, the vehicle came up from behind and rammed into her bicycle, throwing her to the ground. She fell hard on her left side, suffering a broken collarbone, six broken ribs, a shattered pelvis and a concussion.

Schick, a Los Angeles resident from San Mateo who goes by the nickname “Pinkyracer,” is currently recovering at USC Medical Center.

Jennifer Beatty expressed her anger at the situation. “One person decides to use his vehicle as a weapon...little does he know that an entire community is about to shove their feet up his ass," she tweeted to her 666 followers.

“Thanks for everyone’s support,” Schick wrote on her Facebook page Monday morning. “I'm a mess today. Here's what happened” -- she then linked to the ChipIn page above, which was started by friends at Bike LA, an advocacy group.

According to another account of events posted in the blog Biking in LA, the car that hit Schick “is described as a recent-model, white midsized Lexus, either two or four doors, with tinted windows. The driver is described as a well dressed, olive-complected man around 6 feet tall, with a well-dressed female passenger.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at (213) 972-1853.

Much of the information on Schick’s condition has come from her friend Jennifer Beatty -- check Beatty’s Twitter account for the latest updates.

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