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LAPD to debrief the public about fatal 101 shooting within 72 hours

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All lanes on the 101 Freeway near Woodland Hills re-opened Thursday morning at 8 a.m. after Wednesday night's fatal officer-involved shooting.

LAPD is looking for clues about what happened when officers shot and killed Abdul Arian, 19, around 10 p.m. after a car chase. Alleged relatives came forward with his name, according to KTLA.

Police say when the chase ended, the suspect got out of the car, clasped his hands together and pointed at officers, but it was unclear if he was holding anything.

LAPD spokesman Andy Nieman said the investigation is ongoing, but he confirmed that more than one officer was involved, and more than one shot was fired.

“Now, even though there was an overhead news helicopter during this incident, the perspective from a thousand feet up – even with a great, hi-def camera – it’s a much different perspective than what actually transpires or what officers are actually seeing on the ground or what citizens see," he said. "We still have investigators that are in the area where this occurred interviewing and canvassing for additional witnesses that may have scene or heard something.”

Nieman is meeting with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who will debrief the public about the incident within 72 hours. According to Neiman, officer-involved shootings are one of the most intense investigations they engage in and can take almost a year to fully complete.

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