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Facebook pages show troubled last days of man shot on 101 Freeway

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Abdul Arian’s friends and family are writing on Facebook that the young man was happy, humorous and full of life, and are dismayed by the tragic end he met last night on the 101 freeway.

Arian, 19, was shot and killed in Woodland Hills at about 10 p.m. after a high-speed chase ended with him getting out of his car and attempting to run. It remained unclear why he was originally fleeing police in the car chase that ultimately ended in his death. 

On his Facebook page, Arian’s older cousin Ray Boo Karimee expressed outrage and disbelief at the shooting, “God bless you my little cousin,” he wrote, before lambasting police for “just shooting poor innocent kids! He wanted to be a cop himself!”

Karimee also mourned for Arian’s “mom and dad and sister and a little brother,” and asked, “Where is justice?”

Family members told KTLA that even though Arian wanted to become a police officer he was afraid of police, and of being pulled over.

His uncle, Hamed Arian, told reporters that the young man was coming home from the gym Wednesday night and was not carrying a gun. He also said that police told him Arian called 9-1-1 from his car even as he was being chased by police.

Arian’s own Facebook page hints at a conflicted relationship with police. His profile and cover pictures are both of police cars, with one of them showing a squad car in his rearview mirror, lights flashing. “Just always after me,” he wrote next to the photo, which was uploaded March 1. (In the comments following that post, Arian added that “nothing happened just got a warning.”)

In a post just a week ago, Arian seems to be noting a trip from shooting guns with a family member. 

"tyred [sic] as F! just came back from the shooting range. and got some blood on my hand thanks to my lil cousin lol," he wrote on April 5.

Possibly despondent, Arian quoted lyrics to "Enjoy The Silence," a somber Depeche Mode song: "done crying...tired of trying...yeah im smiling...but inside, im dying," he posted Sunday.

But friends and family remember him fondly. “I cannot stop crying,” wrote Nasrin Sharifee on Karimee’s Facebook page. “I saw him a few days ago and he made everyone laugh and was joking around. He truly was an amazing, sweet, kindhearted, gentle, happy young man. May Allah give his family strength and my prayers are with them. R.I.P. I will always remember his smile on his face.”

Karimee conveyed a similar sentiment: “You are straight in heaven my little man! This is the worst day of my life!”

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