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101 Freeway chase suspect: 'If they pull their guns, I'm gonna have to pull my gun out on them'

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Police released more details on the driver who led the police on a chase Wednesday night on the 101 Freeway that led to police shooting and killing the suspect.

During the chase, the suspect (reportedly named Abdul Arian) called 911 and spoke in what police call "a lengthy conversation" with the 911 operator.

Quotes from the driver, released by police:

  • “I have a gun.”
  • “I’ve been arrested before for possession of destructive devices, I’m not afraid of the cops.”
  • “If they pull their guns, I’m gonna have to pull my gun out on them.”
  • Police say the 911 dispatcher tried to get the suspect to stop and told him "I don't want you to hurt yourself," but the suspect responded, “I’m not gonna get hurt s---head. F--- these police, they’re gonna get hurt.”

The latest information continues to fill out the story painted by the suspect's alleged Facebook page and the video of the chase and what led to his shooting.

While the man threatened to pull out a gun and took what police labeled an aggressive shooting stance, extending his arms out and pointing something at police, the preliminary investigation revealed that he did not have a gun at the time he was shot by officers.

Police tell KPCC they are not releasing the 911 audio because it is part of the investigation.

This story has been updated.

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