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California storm to make guest appearance at Coachella

Photo by @bonniecwong via Twitter

An electrifying weather event (that struck a jet with lightning as it was leaving San Francisco Thursday night) is making a stopover in Southern California.

Some parts of the state will get the full wrath experience with lightning, hail, and gale-force winds on Friday, while others will see scattered showers and snow, according to the National Weather Service.

In Indio, where tens of thousands are gathering for the first of two weekends of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the temperature is expected to get low, and blow, thanks to some wind accompaniment.

Happy Friday the 13th, rockers.

Cold, Wind & Rain to take the main stage at Coachella

Happy Friday the 13th, rockers. >>>>>[full story at]<<<<<

Storified by Lisa Brenner · Fri, Apr 13 2012 13:06:53

coachella in the rain? on Friday the 13th? no.Evidence.
what a HORRIBLE wknd for it to rain.That means no vegas pool parties (lowkey happy lol) sorry to the Coachella campers tho :/ #FridayThe13thjatherinekoy
coachella day 1 - forgot my rain gear #slipperywhenwetAri Yapoujian
Super sleepy in car ride with my mom... Heading to coachella today, this rain + my hair is about to take me back to the 70s #froKat Graham
Alright! @Coachella in the Rain! Let's do this UK Style! It's gonna be a Carling Weekend!piperferguson
on my way to #COACHELLA in the rain. Wet t-shirt contest anyone?!??Martinez, M.D.
I really cant imagine rain at #Coachella - I dont think the festival has even whitnessed a cloud in the past!Mark Didcock
So true! Coachella is gonna be a filthy mess with this crazy ass rain! RT @BCJean: Who wants to mud wrestle??? #COACHELLAJason Salvador
Rain boots, check. Poncho, check. All I need is an umbrella-Ella-Ella for Coachella-Ella-Ella.JESSICA.LOPEZ.
the rain is laughing at all the angry hipsters at coachella ?
Let the weekend begin #coachella. And a little rain makes it more fun!Charlie Circus
Rain or shine i'm sure coachella is gonna CRACK, #imhating.itss ELY! not sely.
Have fun in the rain at coachella you smelly hipsters! HahahaAlyssa Salas
No rain yet, but the clouds are on the move #coachella #coachella2012 @ Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel
This is what rain at #coachella looks like. I'll take it! Lol Spruill

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