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Miss the Discovery shuttle landing? LA is getting its own shuttle, soon

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The space shuttle Discovery descended on its new Virginia residence Tuesday, piggy-backing on a Boeing 747:

Does that get you excited? Its younger sibling, the Endeavour, will land in our city soon, also via jumbo jet. L.A. officials have been planning its route to the California Science Center since late last year, when the center was one of three museums to receive a retired shuttle.

Jennifer London, who wrote an article for SoCal Connected on the muscle it'll take to move the Endeavour to the science center, told KPCC's Sanden Totten the shuttle's last trip will slow to a 1 mph crawl. The spacecraft, 5.5 stories tall when lying on its belly, requires a 10 to 13 hour trip to dodge freeway overpasses and travel on roads that can support its weight.

"That means trees are going to have to come out, power lines, traffic signals, billboards," London said on The Madeleine Brand Show. "So they had to choose the routes really carefully."

Though commuting seems hopeless, planners are encouraging Angelenos to come out and celebrate. Besides looking at the beast, people can "sponsor" a thermal tile on the spaceship for $1,000.

The L.A. Times reports that the Endeavour is expected to arrive by fall.


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