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USC shootings: LAPD says don't chase after armed suspect

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While some USC students are saying the second shooting in a week is making the prestigious private school look "really bad," police are asking citizens to leave the police work to the professionals.

Just after midnight Wednesday a campus police officer shot and wounded a man who was suspected of robbing four Trojans at gunpoint. 

Two of the students chased the suspect, who the LAPD says is a gang member from Compton named Jeremy Hendricks.

“We would not recommend that anybody chase an armed suspect," LAPD Lieutenant Andy Neiman said. "The best thing to do at that point is get to safety, and call 911 and let the police come and do that,” he explained. 

Investigators do not know if this morning's shooting is tied to last week's fatal shooting that killed two USC students from China. But police did retrieve a gun in the second shooting this morning.

“We’re hopeful that there may be a connection, but it’s very early in this investigation to make any type of determination or speculate on that possibility,” Neiman said.

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