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Tow truck chase ends peacefully in Burbank after over 2 hours

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[Update 6:45pm: The man driving the tow truck got out and surrendered to police in Glendale after fleeing for 2 hours and 15 minutes.]

A man driving an Auto Club tow truck is leading police through a unique pursuit.

LAPD is keeping their distance while a tow truck driver flees through the streets of the San Fernando and now Hollywood.

Near Burbank just after 6pm, an NBC reporter happened to ask him a question as they sat waiting for a stop light to turn green. "I'm not going to hurt anyone," the driver said, complaining that the LAPD was trying to pull him over but he hadn't done anything wrong.

"They're trying to give me a ticket for no reason," he said.

LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman spoke with CBS2 live on air early in the pursuit and explained that cruisers are not going to try to confront the suspect as long as he drives safely. Instead, police will monitor his movements via television helicopters above and police units on the ground.  

"We don't want to force anything at this point," Neiman told CBS, "Hopefully he will pull over at some point."

According to Neiman, officers from Van Nuys were responding to a traffic collision in the Valley when the driver approached police and "some sort of altercation" transpired. 

"He jumped back in his truck and took off," Neiman explained, and the chase was on. The driver is wanted for assault on an officer.

"If he changes his posture and his behavior and driving pattern to be more aggressive then we will look at some different options," Neiman told CBS2, but for now they will continue to slowly follow him from a distance.

The AAA tow truck is from Lake Forest in Orange County, CBS is reporting.

Needless to say, Twitter is amused.

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