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USC, LAPD to station 30 extra officers near campus

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USC and LAPD officials announced changes to campus safety measures at a Thursday morning presser, after two students were shot and killed and four students were robbed at gunpoint in different instances.

"Safety is a shared principle," USC President C.L. Max Nikias said. Joined by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Nikias explained that USC is working with LAPD and USC's Department of Public Safety to increase security measures around the university.

According to Beck, an additional 30 officers will be placed in the LAPD's southwest division, with four specifically assigned to the USC area. A neighborhood prosecutor will also patrol USC areas, and a predictive policing model will be implemented to target property crime.

Security has tightened since both incidents, and, according to LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith, crime near the school has dropped in recent years. However, the armed robbery and double homicide has raised concern over public safety.

NBC LA's Janet Kwak tweeted that university dollars will fund these changes. "The university has pledged that this will not come out of the police department’s funds," Beck said. "That the university will make the city whole for this. And in these very tough budget times, for the University of Southern California to step up to the plate in this matter is huge. ”

Predictive policing will go into effect next semester.

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