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Extreme Makeover, Illegal Edition: 20,000 square feet of parkland bulldozed illegally


MsKat'sClass/Flickr Creative Commons

Farshad Farivar is facing five criminal charges for doing $200,000 worth of damage to land owned by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

Sometimes that home renovation just isn't worth it.

The L.A. City Attorney's Office on Friday said Farshad Farivar is facing two criminal counts each of destruction of park property and illegal grading, as well as one count for the illegal removal of protected trees, according to the Los Angeles Daily News

Farivar was building a home on his property in the Santa Monica Mountains, near Tarzana, and allegedly bulldozed and removed dirt and trees from parkland off Mulholland Drive in order to build a flat slab for the house. 

That's according to Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek, who is prosecuting the case and also told the Daily News that Farivar's grading project damaged more than 20,000 square feet of parkland owned by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MCRA). 

Farivar had been ordered to stop work on September 6 of last year by the MCRA, but was back at it two days later, according to park rangers.

The City Attorney's Office also said that protected species like California Live Oaks and California Black Walnut trees were removed.

Officials estimated that it will cost more than $200,000 to restore the parkland.


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