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Police arrest seven after brawl outside South LA club

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The incident took place in Manchester Square (outlined), a one-square-mile area with the 11th-highest violent crime rate in the county. The blue marker marks the specific area where the arrests were made, near Western Avenue and 75th Street.

Three arrests quickly turned into seven for LAPD officers outside a South L.A. club early Saturday morning.

CBS Los Angeles reports that around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, police were in the process of taking three women into custody on suspicion of battery when members of a large crowd gathering outside the club allegedly attacked the officers to set the women free.

Sergeant Donni Ellison told CBS that dozens of people were reported fighting outside the club, which is located near 75th Street and Western Avenue.

The LAPD ended up making four more arrests – one woman and three men – on suspicion of attempted lynching and battery on police officers, according to Ellison.

In legal terms, to lynch is to punish a person for real or alleged crimes without due process, often by a group or mob of people.

The area in which the incident took place, Manchester Square, has the 11th-highest violent crime rate in the county, according to the L.A. Times Mapping L.A. project, with nearly 237 crimes for every 10,000 people. The past six months alone have seen three homicides, five rapes, 38 incidents of aggravated assault and 42 burglaries.

Manchester Square is just over one square mile. 


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