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CSU Fullerton student joins 12 others planning hunger strike to protest tuition hikes

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A Cal State Fullerton student announced he is joining several others in holding a hunger strike to protest rising state college tuition.

Grad student David Minga said he had to do something more drastic in the face of dramatic cuts in state funding and subsequent increases to tuition, the Orange County Register reports. He said previous protests and demonstrations -- such as one a year ago where students camped out in the Fullerton administration building -- have had no effect.

Minga, 22, joins 12 other students from around the California State University system in starting their hunger strike Wednesday. He said he and fellow strikers have been preparing for this, and plan to drink only fluids until CSU trustees agree to meet to discuss the group’s demands.

Those demands include a five-year tuition freeze, pay cuts to CSU administrators and cuts to CSU presidents’ perks, such as their housing and car allowances.

The Daily Titan, CSU Fullerton’s student newspaper, says school spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp claims the striking students don’t fully understand the issues involved. Uhlenkamp also said school officials hadn’t yet decided whether they would intervene in the hunger strike.

The 23-campus CSU system has lost nearly $1 billion in funding since 2008. Legislators pushing a new bill in Sacramento say closing a corporate tax loophole will help make up the difference.

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