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Covina council to consider new destination for its seven-ton Olmec head


Covina's giant Olmec head once graced the city police station but now sits in a maintenance yard.

A Covina city council member says he wants the big head back -- the great seven-ton Olmec head that once graced the city police station.

Councilman Bob Low says the statue, given as a gift to Covina in 1989 by its then-sister city Jalapa in Mexico, belongs in a prominent place in town, not in the “obscure” location of Jalapa Park. It currently sits in a maintenance yard awaiting its planned move to the park.

According to CBS, the head was removed in December to make way for a memorial to fallen police officers.

“They ripped it out without any notice, without any public hearing, it was removed and hauled to the city yard,” Low told CBS. He said he’d rather see it in front of the library downtown.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that Low got a boost in his cause from a local Latino advocacy group, which says the statue deserves a place of prominence. (The story features a great shot of Low patting the head wistfully as it lay sideways in the yard.)

After all that, council members now say they are reconsidering the move to Jalapa Park. The council is set to discuss the matter at its Tuesday night meeting.

An arresting sight, Covina’s Olmec head is a replica of ancient artifacts left behind by the Olmec people of Mexico.

The Olmec civilized south-central Mexico sometime between 1500 and 400 B.C., leaving behind jade masks and other art -- including, most famously, the amazing stone heads

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