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Home burglaries a way of life for plagued San Bernardino neighborhood

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Danielle Helmick was so tired of having her house robbed she got two guard dogs, installed a security alarm system and painted the windows shut. It didn’t help.

The San Bernardino woman had break-ins twice in January, again in February, and once more last week, according to a San Bernardino Sun story about her harried Del Rosa neighborhood.

In fact, her block on Harrison Street, near the 210 freeway, is so beset by thieves that while police were at Helmick’s house investigating the recent break-in, her neighbors came home to find their house had been robbed too.

Police apparently can’t stop the burglaries, although a police lieutenant told the Sun that Helmick is “doing everything that she can do, as far as the house alarm and dogs.” He suggested she either form or join a neighborhood watch program.

Helmick, who is 34 years old and nine months pregnant, told the Sun she would love to get a house in a safer neighborhood but can’t afford it. (A small home on the 2400 block of Harrison Street recently sold for $81,000, according to this real estate listing.)

She seems a little jaded at this point anyway. “Thieves are mobile,” she told the Sun. “It’s hard to really trust any neighborhood.”

Is she right? Can any neighborhood be considered safe from burglaries?

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