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Two men killed, innocent bystander shot in head during gunfight in San Bernardino park

Photo courtesy KNBC

Police recover a revolver used in a gunfight in a San Bernardino park in which two men were killed, a woman gravely injured and another man shot in the foot.

A Sunday night shootout in San Bernardino has left two men dead and two innocent bystanders wounded, one of them gravely, police say.

Gunfire erupted at about 9:15 p.m. in Delmann Heights Park near the Community Center, where numerous people were enjoying the warm evening, according to reports. The San Bernardino Sun writes that there was a baseball game and a barbeque going on nearby.

Police say the gunfight started due to an argument between 35-year-old Ramiro Aguilar of San Bernardino and 31-year-old Corey Broussard of Victorville, the Sun reports. Both men died of bullet wounds.

Two innocent bystanders were wounded in the gunfight, one of them severely. Luisa Villalobos, 49, of Chino Hills, was struck in the head by a stray bullet as she sat in her car in the community center parking lot, police say. She is currently on life support at a hospital in Colton, according to the Sun.

Watani Richardson, a 20-year-old San Bernardino man, was also struck in the foot by a stray bullet and is expected to recover, police say.

Whether Aguilar and Broussard shot each other dead, or whether there was another shooter or shooters involved, was not immediately clear. Police say they have recovered a revolver used in the shooting and are continuing to investigate.

According to the Sun, San Bernardino has seen a spike in violence, with six people killed just in the last eight days.

Anyone with information on last night’s shooting is urged to call San Bernardino police detectives Michele Mahan at (909) 384-5619 or Gary Robertson at (909) 841-5361.

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