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Kelly Thomas hearing: 'They were worried about ... scratches and not my son dying' Ron Thomas says

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During testimony Monday in the preliminary hearings for the Kelly Thomas beating death trial, Fullerton Fire Department paramedic Capt. Ron Stancyk testified that the injured police officers were treated for lacerations just after the paramedic arrived on the scene, and then he saw Thomas on the ground about "one minute or less" later.

"They were worried about band-aid scratches and not my son dying." Kelly Thomas' father, Ron Thomas, said later.

Graphic photos of the crime scene, and Kelly Thomas' condition, were shown Monday morning in the court room. While Ron Thomas had seen the pictures of his son's bloody face, for many friends it was the first time seeing pictures of Kelly Thomas' face and body in the early morning on July 6, 2011, about four hours after the incident.

Testimony in the preliminary hearing of Fullerton Police Officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli continued through the afternoon.

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