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Parking down the deficit: Ticket fines could increase under proposed Villaraigosa budget

Corey Moore/KPCC

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has proposed a number of parking ticket increases that he believes will help pay down the city's $238-million deficit.

Several times the region's inflation rate, the new fee schedule would see penalty amounts that are 70-90% more expensive than the year he was elected, and fines would bring in $40 million more a year than his first year in office, says the L.A. Times

According to the mayor's proposal, a number of tickets would see an additional $10 tacked on, and a street-sweeping ticket would increase to $78. That's nearly twice the amount charged elsewhere in Los Angeles County, says the Times, and more than the cost of the ticket in any neighboring city.

Those against the proposed increases say penalties would affect those who can least affort it, like low-income renters and working class families in neighborhoods with too few parking spaces.

More than one-third of the $134 million collected in parking fines last year reportedly came from illegally parked vehicles during street-cleaning hours.


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