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Knife-wielding man’s robbery thwarted, barricades self in West Hollywood bathroom

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A knife-wielding robber messed with the wrong guy, police say, after a retired cop thwarted his robbery attempt last night in a West Hollywood restaurant, then chased him into the bathroom of a fancy clothing store.

That’s where the would-be robber barricaded himself, police say, leading to a big scene as SWAT teams set up a perimeter and worked on talking him out. He finally surrendered after a three-hour standoff.

According to KTLA and other reports, the retired Simi Valley police officer was having dinner with his girlfriend at The 3rd Stop restaurant near Robertson Boulevard and 3rd Street around 8 p.m. when an apparently homeless man walked right up to their table, pulled out an 8-inch kitchen knife and demanded their food.

The cop, who has the amazing name of Kido Ebrahimzedah, pulled a gun on that knife fight and the would-be robber turned and ran.

Ebrahimzedah chased him down the street into a store called Gregory’s, where the man barricaded himself in the bathroom.

Beverly and Robertson boulevards were closed down during the incident, according to NBC.

Police said the unidentified robber’s actions suggest he may have suffered from mental illness. He is now in custody.

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