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San Bernardino authorities issue warning: No graduation parties where the kids are drinking

Photo by Jeff via Flickr Creative Commons

Authorities in San Bernardino County are getting ahead of the high school graduation season this year with a warning directed straight at the soon-to-be graduates’ parents: Don’t throw parties where underage kids are drinking.

Some misinformed parents “believe that if they’re hosting the party at their house, or because they’re in a home environment, that it’s OK to serve minors under 21 alcohol,” Sheriff Rod Hoops said yesterday at a media event covered by the San Bernardino Sun. “But that is not the case.”

The event, held in Fontana’s city hall courtyard, was hosted by the sheriff, several police chiefs and county District Attorney Mike Ramos.

Ramos cited so-called social host ordinances which make it illegal to “provide an environment” where underage drinking can occur. Such ordinances are on the books in San Bernardino and other counties -- though not in L.A. County, apparently.

The Sun also cited statistics from something called the Archs Institute -- Applied Research for Community Health and Safety -- claiming that “64 percent of San Bernardino County residents identified underage drinking at house parties as one of the top three problems in their community.”

The Archs Institute covers only San Bernardino County, so we are left to wonder whether that problem would make the top-three list in L.A. or Orange counties.