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Police: Grandmother hit great-grandmother with her car while abducting 3-year-old child

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A grandmother and a great-grandmother had a fight over their 3-year-old kin in Fountain Valley last week, culminating with the grandmother hitting the great-grandmother with her car as she drove off with the child, according to reports.

Georgina Garcia, 44, turned herself in to police on Friday following the Thursday night incident, the Orange County Register reports.

According to the Register, police believe Grandma Garcia confronted the great-grandmother, who has custody over the 3-year-old girl, at a residence on the 17300 block of San Luis Street in Fountain Valley. The two women argued, and Garcia allegedly snatched the girl out of the elder woman’s arms, then made to drive off.

But the great-grandmother got in the way of the vehicle and was struck, police said. She suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from a nearby hospital.

Police say Garcia drove the girl to another relative’s house in Redondo Beach, where a family member called authorities, the Register reports. The child was recovered that night and returned to her great-grandma.

Garcia could be charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and hit-and-run.

Where the mother or father was in all this was not stated in the report.

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