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Dana Point man corners burglar in his home, sprays him with Raid

Raid may kill bugs dead, but this time it bugs crooks’ heads.

The Orange County Register reports a minor police blotter item from last weekend of the sort that editors can’t pass up: A Dana Point resident, noticing three burglars breaking into his house through the back way, caught one of them in a utility closet and sprayed him with Raid insecticide.

The incident happened shortly before 1:42 p.m. Saturday -- which is when the victim called the Sheriff’s Office -- on the 33700 block of Pequito Drive, according to the Register.

Apparently the burglar got away in a light-colored sedan, smelling of Raid.

The last time bug spray was used as a weapon in Orange County (that we know about), a woman buying beer flipped out and attacked a clerk in a Costa Mesa convenience store.

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