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'Jump Out Boys' investigation: 7 sheriff's deputies placed on leave

Los Angeles County Sheriff insignia.
Los Angeles County Sheriff insignia.
Photo vis conner395 via Flickr Creative Commons

Seven deputies suspected of belonging to an aggressive, secret faction inside the Los Angeles County sheriff's gang unit have been placed on leave, sources confirmed to the L.A. Times on Wednesday.

Suspected members of the clique, the "Jump Out Boys," are said to celebrate shootings and have matching tattoos that are modified based on specific activities. 

The design of the tattoo, confirmed by two sources to the newspaper, reportedly includes an oversize skull with a wide, toothy grimace and glowing red eyes.

The recent discovery of a document, which led to the investigation, suggests "the group embraces shootings as a badge of honor," it was previously reported

One deputy reportedly came forward to admit association with the clique and named others involved.