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Investigation underway into suspended sheriffs deputies' conduct

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A quick update on the news that seven Los Angeles County sheriffs deputies have been suspended with pay: the initial investigation into the allegations of possible misconduct will be led by the Sheriff's Internal Affairs division and will be overseen by the civilian Office of Independent Review. 

Reports from the LA Times allege the group--which reportedly includes members of the department's gang unit--behave like a street gang, with matching tatoos that glorify officer-involved shootings.

Sheriffs Spokesman Steve Whitmore says it's not clear whether members of the so-called "Jump Out Boys" have been involved in any misconduct. "What I can say is that Sheriff Baca and his management team take this very seriously," he says.

Whitmore says there isn't much information he can make publicly available at the moment. California law has a number of privacy protections for peace officers accused of misconduct and/or involved in personell issues. 

Correction: This story originally misidentifed Steve Whitmore.

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