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Post-Dodgers game fight had 'nothing to do' with stadium security

A parking lot fight over the weekend renewed concerns about stadium security.
A parking lot fight over the weekend renewed concerns about stadium security. Photo by The West End via Flickr Creative Commons

A traffic accident outside Dodger Stadium escalated into a beating after Sunday's win against the St. Louis Cardinals. Four men have since been arrested and the victim was treated and released from the hospital (along with an un-harmed pregnant passenger), but the incident sparked reminders of last year's horrific beating of Giants' fan Bryan Stow, who suffered brain damage. 

LAPD, however, says this weekend's violence shouldn't be seen as an indication of lax security at the stadium, as Stow's beating was. 

"If two hotheads get in a traffic accident, sometimes that happens," said Officer Bruce Borihanh, who characterized the incident as a fight. 

As for stadium security, "we have more visibility, there's cops everywhere," he said.

In a statement issued Monday, Dodger President Stan Kasten agreed with the police's assessment.

"We have made it clear that we are fully committed to providing a safe, family-friendly environment for all of our fans," said Kasten. "The very quick and effective response by our personnel and the LAPD officers on the scene shows that they were properly deployed and fully engaged in this effort."


<em> This story has been updated with statements from the Dodgers. </em>

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