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Industrial fire in Fontana consumes pallet and tire yards, causing $2.5 million in damages

San Bernardino County Fire Department

Firefighters sift through the rubble of a wooden pallet company in Fontana on Sunday, May 20, following a huge blaze which completely destroyed the property. The cause remains under investigation.

Of all the things to catch fire, what firefighters don’t want to hear is: wooden pallet yard next to tire center.

Yet that’s exactly what did catch fire Saturday evening in Fontana, and officials now say the resulting conflagration caused an estimated $2.5 million in damages.

The pallet yard -- Pallet Market Inc., located at 14041 Slover Ave. -- was like a gigantic tinderbox, with dry wooden pallets “stacked hundreds high” before the fire spread through them beginning at about 5:30 p.m., officials told the San Bernardino Sun. About 170 firefighters and 25 engine companies took several hours subduing the 10-acre blaze, bringing it under control around 11 p.m.

The two industrial businesses are located near a high school and homes, officials said. A few nearby residents were evacuated, but no one was hurt and no other properties were damaged.

Flames rose high into the air Saturday evening and the smoke could be seen for miles around, according to the Sun.

Today fire officials are continuing to sift through the rubble in an effort to figure out how the blaze started. No causes have been reported yet.

“It’s done,” the pallet company’s manager told the Sun. “We’ve got nothing to ship anymore.”

Here’s a short video of the blaze taken on a cell phone by a Sun reporter:

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