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Goofy guy allegedly steals from Stanton CVS, tries to get away, car won’t start

Louie Melendrez
Louie Melendrez Orange County Sheriff's Department

Tip to thieves: Make sure your getaway car is operational.

A man in Orange County had that problem yesterday, sheriff’s deputies say, after allegedly stealing from a CVS drug store in Stanton, getting into his car in the parking lot ... and not going anywhere.

He wasn't a very sly thief, apparently, because deputies were called a little after 2:15 p.m. with reports of a shoplifter leaving the CVS at 12444 Beach Blvd. Louie Melendrez, 23, was still sitting there in the parking lot when they arrived, the Orange County Register reports.

Even though his car wouldn’t start, Melendrez didn’t seem to want to get out of it after deputies asked him to, Orange County Sheriff's Department Lt. Roland Chacon told the Register. He eventually did, though, and deputies say they found items in the car that he took from the store.

The whole incident doesn’t seem to have bothered Melendrez too much, judging from his mug shot taken at Men’s Central Jail, where he still sits in lieu of $20,000 bail.

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