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Boyle Heights veterans, friends, neighbors stand watch for 24 hours

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Japanese American families remembered fallen US war veterans at Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights this Memorial Day. Down the street, at the Cinco Puntos intersection and war memorial, public officials honored the contributions of Mexican American soldiers from World War Two to the present.

Los Angeles City councilman and U.S. Navy reserve lieutenant Eric Garcetti said that because the armed forces have secured freedoms for all Americans, the best way to honor them is to exercise our freedoms now.

"And let’s make sure that we respect those freedoms when others exercise them," Garcetti said. "When someone says something different from our own opinion, or worships god in a different way. We should all be free from fear, we should all have freedom to raise families and march forward for this is the greatest nation and a light to the world." 

For the sixth year in a row, Boyle Heights veterans, their relatives, friends and neighbors stood watch at the intersection’s Mexican American All Wars Memorial for 24 hours - starting yesterday


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