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Gravel truck fatally crushes Burbank man in 'unclear' accident


Photo by Christopher McGonigall via Flickr Creative Commons

A Burbank man died Monday after being crushed by a gravel truck. 

Authorities are trying to detirmine what happened in the death of 58-year-old Vigen Boodaghian who was "crushed to death Monday by the remote doors of a gravel truck," according to police, reports the Burbank Leader.

The accident occurred near the 5 Freeway in an empty lot west of Front Street between Burbank and Magnolia boulevards.

Police say Boodaghian, who was trapped just before 10 a.m., was freed by a truck driver before emergency responders arrived at the scene and pronounced him dead.

An investigation is pending. It was unclear how Boodaghian became trapped, said Sgt. Carlos Gomez.

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