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Video: Buscaino joins LAFD at blaze in Watts

When there’s something aflame in the neighborhood? Who ya gonna call? Buscaino! 

A new clip posted to Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino’s YouTube channel today shows the elected hanging out with Fire Station 65 in Watts when the crew responds to a fire in an alleyway.

Buscaino, who was a full-time Los Angeles police officer until he was elected earlier this year, narrates the shaky footage, which shows firefighters extinguishing the blaze in the 9500 block of Croesus. The video was shot Tuesday night during the councilman’s monthly meet-and-greet with firefighters in the Fifteenth District, according to his office.

“We were just sitting when a firefighter just spotted this from the firehouse and these guys ran straight to the fire truck – they didn’t even wait for the call, to get generated” Buscaino says on the video.

“They got here right away, well within the five minutes,” he says in an obvious reference to the Los Angeles Fire Department’s ongoing problems with response times.

Though the fire may have been visible from Station 65, the firefighters reveal at the end of the video that they are actually in the county fire department’s territory.

“Best part – we beat L.A. County Fire here,” the councilman says.