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Noguez attorney: Decision to leave best for assessor's office

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County Assessor John Noguez’s decision to take a leave of absence was made to quiet the political noise created by the district attorney’s ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct, his attorney told KPCC today.

It is unclear how long Noguez’s leave will last.

“John Noguez has served the Assessor’s Office for over 27 years. He has served as a low-level official and now he’s serving as the tax assessor,” said his attorney Michael J. Proctor. “He cares deeply about the office, and the climate has become such that he felt it was best for the professionalism of the office to allow somebody else, on a temporary basis, to manage the office.” 

Both District Attorney Steve Cooley and Supervisor Mike Antonovich had called for Noguez to step down pending an investigation into whether assessed property values were improperly reduced.

Though he is taking a leave, Noguez is not resigning his post.

“There’s been no information brought to our attention that would make his resignation appropriate at this time. It would seem that taking a leave of absence would be the best option right now," Proctor said.

Noguez was elected to office in 2010.

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