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The USS Iowa makes it to Los Angeles

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After weather had delayed its passage, the USS Iowa entered the Los Angeles harbor today, en route to a temporary berth one week ahead of a triumphant parade to its ultimate place of honor in the heart of the busiest port complex on the West Coast.

Tugboats guided the dreadnought through the narrow Angel's Gate harbor entrance at 8:55 a.m., as the U.S. Coast Guard enforced a 100-yard safety zone around her.

The battleship will be further prepared for it July 7 close-up at a temporary berth about a mile south of its ultimate destination: a museum dock under the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the center of the San Pedro waterfront. Several veterans who served on "The Big Stick" were planning to be along the waterfront today to greet the retired, 887-foot battleship, built in 1940-42.

The ship will stay tied up at Berths 51-52 until June 9, when she will be towed up the main channel to her permanent home at Berth 87, where she will become a floating museum.

A reunion of USS Iowa crew members is set for July 2-6 and, on July 7, the gangplanks will be opened to the public. Admission will be $18. Children 6- 17 years old will be admitted for $10, as will veterans. Senior citizens and retired military will pay $15. Tickets can be purchased at (877) 446-9261.

The nonprofit Pacific Battleship Center will be maintaining the ship and running the museum.

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