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Maven's Morning Coffee: problems build on Skid Row, future of California's Republican Party in question

A new report from the Department of Public Health recommends weekly power-washes for the Skid Row area, which is now covered in human feces, urine and hypodermic needles.
A new report from the Department of Public Health recommends weekly power-washes for the Skid Row area, which is now covered in human feces, urine and hypodermic needles. Photo by NoHoDamon via Flickr Creative Commons

Good morning, readers. Welcome to the Maven's Morning Coffee -- a listing of the important headlines, news conferences, public meetings and announcements you need to know to fuel up and tackle your day.

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Today is Tuesday, June 5, and here is what's happening in Los Angeles:


The Department of Public Health has found Skid Row is covered in human feces and hypodermic needles, and the area should be power-washed on a weekly basis, reports the Los Angeles Times. City officials say the situation has been made worse by a court injunction that prevents crews from removing trash heaps that may be considered private property. "It made you sick to walk down the street," said the head of the Union Rescue Mission.

The Los Angeles City Council will consider today whether to shut down a residential hotel near Skid Row, reports KPCC. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the area around the Travelers Hotel has had 189 calls for service so far this year.

The New York Times catches up on what has become of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Rolling Stone looks at the state of the Republican Party in California and what it could mean for the rest of the country. "California’s vanishing Republicans have simply been left behind, to dream of their mythical past and grumble about how things aren’t the way they used to be, while the state moves on without them," according to the piece.

Where to Find the Politicians

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will vote at 7:45 a.m. He will then announce a $750,000 investment for local education at Markham Middle School. At 11 a.m., he will speak at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Convention Center. In the later afternoon, Villaraigosa will speak at the launch of 2,000 Acts of Hope at Figueroa Elementary School.


9 a.m. Jobs and Business Development Committee, City Hall, room 1050

  • Report on Workforce Investment Board funding

9:30 a.m. Board of Fire Commissioners, City Hall East, room 1820

  • Report on LAFD response times
  • Verbal report on firefighter recruitment

9:30 a.m. Board of Police Commissioners, LAPD Headquarters, board room

  • Review of a use-of-force investigations audit

10 a.m. Los Angeles City Council, City Hall, Council Chamber

  • Appointment to the Board of Transportation Commissioners
  • Review of city's control over fuel use

1:30 p.m. Board of Water and Power Commissioners, DWP Headquarters, room 1555-H

  • Recommendation to approve agreement for Owens Lake Groundwater Evaluation Project

2:30 p.m. Planning and Land Use Management Committee, City Hall, room 350

  • Report on the placement of cell towers

3 p.m. Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee, City Hall, room 1050

  • Report on banning the use of bull hooks in the handling of elephants at traveling circuses


It is Election Day in California. Find your polling place, voter registration and all the details on today's races at KPCC's Elections page.

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