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LA Kings mis-tweet that Game 4 will be on NBC: Could fan reaction lead to actual switch?

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It takes one game for the Los Angeles Kings to sweep the NHL playoff finals and claim the Stanley Cup for their own. It may have taken one mis-tweet for the team to alter how fans will be able to view the final game: "Game 4 will now be on NBC! No more complaining!"

... Psych! Fifty fan retweets later, the L.A. Kings corrected their statement, saying that the NBC Sports Network (formerly known as Versus) – not NBC – will be airing Game 4. NBC Sports also confirmed this on Twitter.

L.A. Kings team spokesman Mike Altieri said the tweet resulted from a complete misunderstanding. He said that the person who runs the L.A. Kings Twitter feed repeated the incorrect information that the public address announcer told game-goers after the conclusion of Game 3.

"We knew what the schedule was going to be from the beginning," Altieri added.

SB Nation speculated that one of two changes could still happen, though neither is likely:

"NBC will switch a potential sweep game of the Stanley Cup Finals from their cable network to the broadcast network, or ... The NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, KNBC, will pick up the game for that market only."

NBC has made no announcement regarding changes to its programming schedule. Kings lovers like Chris Sellers seemed unphased that the game may not be on NBC. "@LAKings Put it on The Lifetime Movie channel and I'll still watch it. Put it on an unmarked channel and I'll find it. #GoKingsGo," he tweeted.

Others disappointed by the news focused their anger on NBC. "The power of social media is certainly something that we all are learning about and discovering on a daily basis, and it's not for me to say," Altieri said. "It's really a decision for NBC."

We're making calls to find out why this happened and if there will be any change in where you can catch Game 4 tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

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