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Citing decades of problems, City Council revokes permit for hotel near Skid Row

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The Los Angeles City Council revoked the land use permit for the Travelers Hotel at 6th and S. Ceres Streets Tuesday. Meanwhile, the attorney representing the property's owners and operators vowed to sue the city.

A number of people, including Martine Singer, the president of Para Los Ninos, the hotel's neighbor, told the Council that the property is a neighborhood nuisance. 

Thirteen years ago, the city demanded the property owner clean the place up, and critics said the hotel has consistently failed.

Councilman Jose Huizar, in whose district the hotel stands, cited the hotel's long history of ignoring demands by the city, including that it hire security and meet with police. 

"I'm appalled to see that we have allowed this building to go on so long while they've thumbed their nose at our conditions," Huizar said. Responding to the hotel owner's claims to KPCC that the closure is politically motivated, Huizar said "there is nothing politically motivated" about revoking the operating permits to a place that's failed to comply with city demands.

Huizar assured tenants who showed up to defend the hotel that the law would require the owner pay them restitution if they're displaced. 

Outside the Council Chambers, attorney Frank A. Weiser, who represents Travelers' owners and operators, said his clients were planning on filing suit against the city immediately.

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