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City Hall lawn to reopen in 30 days

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The lawn surrounding City Hall will likely reopen in the next 30 days, and when it does, it will have the same rules regulating camping and the hours of operation as it did last fall when Occupy L.A. took over the park.  

The Los Angeles City Council today clarified what constitutes camping, which has always been prohibited under city law. Park patrons will be allowed to use open-sided tents, bed rolls and umbrellas when the park reopens as long as those materials are not used for living accommodations and are removed when the park closes.

For now, the park will remain open from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Rules were in place last fall when Occupy L.A. protesters took to the lawn. At the time, Councilman Richard Alarcon authored a resolution in support of the movement. 

“It was as a result of that resolution that we, by special permission, essentially allowed people to stay in the park,” Alarcon said.

The city council retains the right to suspend the park rules for other special events or causes.

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