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LA Kings hockey tickets for Game 4 go for thousands of dollars

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39682 full

Some L.A. Kings fans may have been searching around their homes for valuables to sell earlier today. Lots of them gathered at the Staples Center Wednesday afternoon, as fans hoped to score coveted tickets at the last minute for what could be the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Ticket prices for Game Four reached into the thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, the Kings sell tickets for normal games that start at $20 a game.

"You know, I got a certain amount of hundred dollars that I got in my pocket — that I probably shouldn’t be advertising out loud," said Kings fan Mark Hollister. "But no, I am not willing to spend thousands of dollars to go see the game tonight live. I will be just as excited just to be down here tonight."

Hollister said he's been a fan for 20 years — but it looks like he might have to wait a little longer to see the Kings win the Stanley Cup in person.

One scalper was asking $800 for a single ticket to the game. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said officers will control access to the Staples Center area as the game progresses and crowds gather outside, denying access to those who don't have tickets.

The Kings are up in the series, 3-0.

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