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Perez Hilton to judge Los Angeles' condom contest

peachy92/Flickr/Creative Commons

Blogger Perez Hilton will be one of the judges to select Public Health's Los Angeles-themed condoms.

Internet gossip blogger Perez Hilton will be one of the judges to select Los Angeles-themed condom wrappers that will be handed out by the Department of Public Health as part of the “L.A.’s Next Sex Symbol” contest. 

The contest to design the ultimate L.A. condom is Public Health officials’ way to get Angelenos to wear condoms and stop the spread of HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Judges will select the top 50 designs for the wrapper. The public will then be asked to select the top 10 designs, which will appear on 1 million condoms handed out by Public Health. 

The other judges will be:

  • Oriol Gutierrez, Deputy Editor, POZ Magaine
  • David Stern, Publisher of Frontiers IN LA Magazine
  • Pepe Torres, Publisher of Adelante Magazine
  • Scott McPherson, Creative Director of The Advocate Magazine, HIV Plus Magazine and co-founder of The Stigma Project
  • Julia Allison, of BRAVO's reality show “Miss Advised”

The contest is open to Los Angeles County residents, age 18 or older. The deadline is June 17. Designs that have already been submitted to the contest can be viewed here.

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