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Bryan Stow case: Witness IDs Sanchez and Norwood from the stand

Photo via NBC LA

Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood are the primary suspects in the March 31, 2011 beating of Bryan Stow in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

This morning, the court heard testimony from Mary Dolores Donley, who said she was parked near the spot where Bryan Stow fell to the ground after being struck in the head after Opening Day at Dodger Stadium in March 2011.

Donley testified that she was waiting for her cousins outside her parked car that day, when she heard a man yell something like, “[expletive] you, mother-[expletive].” Donley said she and her husband then ran toward the “scuffle," where she saw a man kick Stow, who she said was visibly unconscious, in the head.  Donley said her husband and cousin tried to intervene, keeping the man away from Stow. Donley said her daughter was the one who placed the 911-call heard Wednesday in court.

Donley also identified the defendants from the witness box. Asked whether she could pick out the men she described as the attacker and his companion in court, Donley pointed first to Louie Sanchez as the man who allegedly kicked Stow in the head and then to Marvin Norwood as the man who she said accompanied Sanchez. Donley did not apparently witness the punch that other witnesses said knocked Stow unconscious. Donley did say she heard his head hit the ground, a “terrible sound” that she’d “never heard before,” and described the sound as “cracking.”

Defense attorneys questioned Donley about whether or not she’d read or watched media accounts of the case that pictured the suspects. Donley said she had, once or twice, but had not sought information out on the case.

Prosecutors also, over objections by defense attorneys, admitted into evidence a 12-minute jailhouse recording of the defendants made July 21, 2011. The recording was virtually inaudible playing in court, and Judge George Lomeli will decide whether to release a transcript to the media this afternoon.

Also expected to testify this afternoon is Dorene Sanchez, Louie Sanchez’s sister, who allegedly drove the two defendants away from Dodger Stadium the night of the beating.

The preliminary hearing is expected to conclude today or Friday.

Correction: Bryan Stow's name was misspelled in an earlier headline on this story.

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