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Both suspects in Bryan Stow beating at Dodger Stadium ordered to stand trial

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Both suspects in the Bryan Stow case, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, have been ordered to stand trial for assault and battery in the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Stow at Dodger Stadium last year. Sanchez's charges also include an enhancement for causing great bodily injury.

During closing arguments, Norwood's attorney said that it was clear that his client acted as a peacekeeper. Louie Sanchez's attorney argued that his client wasn't the only rowdy drunk fan at the game and that there was no evidence Sanchez was the one who attacked Stow.

If convicted, Sanchez faces a maximum of 11 years in prison while Norwood faces a maximum sentence of 9 years, according to the district attorney.

Dorene Sanchez, alleged getaway driver in the Stow beating case and sister to Louie Sanchez, returned to the stand Friday morning for cross-examination. She said she didn't recognize Stow and his friends as the Giants fans who scuffled with her brother.

A recording of a jailhouse conversation between Sanchez and Norwood will be released today.

This story has been updated.

Correction: This story initially said that Sanchez's great bodily injury enhancement carried an additional five years, which was said by his defense attorney, but the district attorney said this is not the case.

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